ACTs of Kindness Program

Everyone should have access to opportunities and resources so everyone can flourish

Purpose and values

We are committed to helping all peoples care for animals and for themselves

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

We are dedicated to creating a more diverse, equal, and inclusive world for all

One Care

We are committed to animal and human wellbeing, individual to organisations

ACTs of Kindness Program

We all know how challenging it can be when resources are limited, or not available, to stay at the forefront of the animal care and welfare field. Through the ACTs of Kindness program, all individuals and organisations can receive the education they need for animals and themselves, through e.g. sponsorships and pro bono work, including access to PAWS.

Capacity building, continuous personal development through theory and practice on animal care and welfare-related topics such as assessments, the human-animal interaction, environmental enrichment, animal training, habitat design, and behaviour to name a few of the options available for pro bono work opportunities through AnimalConcepts. This can be facilitated in global events, in-person or online

Sabrina Brando has worked through AnimalConcepts in 46 countries over 6 continents and with a wide variety of species, conducting workshops, refurbishing habitats, presentation at conferences, and 1-1 coaching sessions. You can find more about her work, research, publications, and PhD HERE 

Join us, you can make a difference for animals and people today!

Maybe you have a favourite zoo, aquarium, sanctuary, or wildlife centre you would like to support, or maybe you know a student who wants to be an animal caregiver, or someone working with animals who would love to have access to the Practical Animal Welfare Science (PAWS - animal wellbeing), One Care (human wellbeing), and Earth Charter - SDGs platforms.

Through the platforms, AnimalConcepts is committed to help peoples and organisations be their best and achieve excellence in animal care and welfare. These are the first online platforms that combine compassion and creativity, as well as human and animal wellbeing science and best practices to provide the tools, education, and practical resources so that people and animals can flourish.

Our mission, Wellbeing for Everyone means everyone! Creating an inclusive culture is not just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. But we cannot do it alone, we need your help too. Join us to help animals and the people who care for them by sponsoring an individual or even an organization today.

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Do you want access to the 3-1 membership or other services through partial or full sponsorships? Contact us for more information and the application form.

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Pro bono

Do you need staff training, research projects, animal welfare assessments, or speaking engagement at your organisation? AnimalConcepts is pleased to offer a limited amount of time per year for pro bono work for people and organisations in need. Contact us for more information and the application form.

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Some of the facilities and organisations AnimalConcepts has donated time and resources to are:

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