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Promote dog wellbeing through learning and sharing. Everyone should have access to continued knowledge and resources needed to promote excellent dog welfare. The DogPAWS platform focuses on dog wellbeing from an applied science, practice and animal training perspective. It aims to support people who are compassionately caring for dogs with knowledge for implementing science- and ethics-based practice. Become part of a global network supporting dog wellbeing everywhere and join DogPAWS today.

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How can DogPAWS help me?

It is not without reason that dogs are considered man's oldest and best friend. Dogs are the first domesticated species on earth. They live in close coexistence and often form mutually strongly bonded partnerships with humans. This is not the only reason why excellence in the wellbeing of dogs is a central strive of compassionate care. To ensure optimal wellbeing for dogs and to recognize and meet their needs, we must learn to understand dogs comprehensively.

Science about dogs is constantly growing, and so does our knowledge about this species. As research into dogs continues to reveal new information about them, humans must modify their tools and skills in practice and training in order to give each dog the greatest care possible and to support excellence in their wellbeing. Uniting science, practice and training is our DogPAWS core trinity, and we strive to support you in growing your knowledge in these different areas!

DogPAWS is a continued education platform that covers a wide variety of topics relevant to understanding and promoting optimal dog wellbeing, including (dog) welfare fundamentals, domestication and differences between wolves and dogs, dog emotions, differences between breeds, dog-human bond and attachment, puppyhood and socialisation and many more. A selected topic usually extends over two months, with the first month intended to provide you with scientific insights around the relevant topic in different learning formats (e.g., webinars, science into practice resources, interactive discussion events etc.) and the second month focusing more on the practical and training part related to the selected topic. 

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