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The 'Elephant Care and Welfare' platform was created so elephants and people can flourish.

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How can Elephant Care and Wellbeing (ECW) help me?

Elephants are life-long social learners, so we should too! As we humans are learning more and more about the three elephant species through research, we must adapt our tools and skills to best provide care for individual elephants and learn from their behaviours. Ranging from animal care professionals to CEOs, from students to professors - no matter your level, no matter your position, the Elephant Care and Wellbeing platform can help.

Receive easy, affordable on-the-go access to everything you need with streamlined resources and community support, to achieve excellence in animal care, conservation and human wellbeing.

We all have knowledge to share, stories to tell, and questions and problems to solve. Through the ECW platform, we unite world-leading experts and organisations of animal and human wellbeing and compassionate conservation to foster a community of empathetic professionals.

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AnimalConcepts is pleased to offer partial or full sponsorship for our service and memberships - including payment plans, and offer a limited amount of hours per year of pro bono work for people and organisations in need. Join us to make a difference for animals and people today!

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Download the 24/7 concept & pretransfer checklist

The 24/7 animal welfare is a concept that is concerned with promoting good and positive animal welfare for animals in human care, 24/7 across the lifespan. This concept is developed with Professor Buchanan-Smith at the University of Stirling.

The pretransfer checklist has been assembled by Dr. Sarah Chapman from Chapman Zoo Consultancy and Sabrina Brando from AnimalConcepts.

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