One Care

Caring for the people who care for animals in zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries and other animal care organisation is fundamental for optimal wellbeing for people and other animals.

One Care reflects holistic programs designed at an individual and organisational level. Curated for people and organisations to flourish that are dedicated to animal care, species conservation and environmental protection

Purpose and values

We are committed to helping all people care for animals and for themselves

One Care

We are committed to animal and human wellbeing, to individuals and organisations

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

We are dedicated to creating a more diverse, equal, and inclusive world for all

Human wellbeing

The 'One Care' approach is based on optimal human and animal wellbeing. Compassionate self-care (individuals) and we-care (organisational) approaches combined will support the commitment and desire of serving animals and the environment. When we take care to give care, people and animals can flourish.

AnimalConcepts offers a variety of training related to human wellbeing, including multi-day courses, webinars, and conference presentations and keynotes. We also organise bespoke events and training for individuals, small teams and larger organisations.

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Wellbeing for you and your staff


Workshops, presentations, courses, and programs


We deliver a wide variety of different bespoke activities, learnings, and programs for individuals, as well as small and larger teams, tailored to your and your staff's needs.

Topics (including practical tools & resources) can include:

  • Reducing empathic strain, carer fatigue
  • Preventing burnout
  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Understanding (vicarious) trauma
  • Maintaining and increasing job satisfaction
  • Self-care practices
  • Developing resilience, witnessing (vicarious) healing
  • Creating healthy habits and setting boundaries
  • Creating support networks
  • Mastering work-life integration
  • Staying grounded in stressful work
  • Organisational care
  • Conducting individual and organisational risk and resilience assessments
  • Supporting trauma-sensitive work environments

A mix of science, exercises, and laughter will make these learnings and sharings engaging!

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Our courses

Wellbeing through authentic connection

Join us for a relational meditation that nourishes through presence, shared vulnerability and gratitude

For all animal care professionals, veterinarians, managers, directors, students and researchers working with and for animals and or conservation.

Conference presentations & materials

Human wellbeing flyer

Learn more about how we can support you in your goals for optimal human wellbeing through our workshops, presentations, courses, and programs, including our signature PAWS platform featuring a dedicated human wellbeing module. 

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Sabrina Brando

Sabrina Brando is the director of AnimalConcepts, including the Practical Animal Welfare Science platform, is the Primate Care Training Program Coordinator for the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, and Research Associate with the Smithsonian Institution. She is a psychologist with an MSc in Animal Studies titled "An evaluation of zoo animal welfare assessment: From inspection to daily practices with recommendations for a holistic approach", including perceptions of animal wellbeing from a caregiver perspective, EU legislations and zoo inspections.

Sabrina currently is a PhD candidate at the University of Stirling in Scotland on the topic of human wellbeing. Specifically looking at what it means to care for and about animals, and about other goals such as conservation. Her research coves job satisfaction, occupational stressors, and other aspects affecting individual and organisational wellbeing. She is interested in understanding more about the meaningful and prosocial work of caring for animals and conserving species from both a pleasure (hedonia) and purpose or flourishing (eudaimonia) perspective.

Sabrina is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional and feels compassion awareness is key in the animal care profession in order for animal care professionals to serve animals and people with compassion and integrity, for people to ‘Take Care to Give Care’. She has done an extensive amount of training in the human wellbeing field, from grief and loss to working in stressful and trauma-sensitive environments. She has trained in the neuroscience of behaviour change, embodied presence and trauma-sensitive mindfulness, and developing a culture of physical and psychological safety and care in organisations through risk and resilience assessments.

Sabrina is a Chief Storyteller. She loves storytelling and writing - particularly about animals, the human-animal connection, and the natural world. She often wears a button with “I love stories”. The button sparks a lot of great conversations and storytelling about animals among many other topics, from people she meets at conferences to strangers on a plane.

Stories can inspire, affect change, and help us heal, including the stories of ourselves, others in our work, animals in our care, species recovered, and the patches of planet projected. Stories can connect us, to our shared humanity, and create a sense of belonging and community. If you have a story you want to share about the animal(s) you care(d) for, a special friendship you have with your favourite animal, a great action for animals or for the planet you were involved in, or anything else that makes your heart sing concerning animals and nature, Sabrina would love to hear from you!

We understand your commitment and desire for optimal animal and human wellbeing 

Like you, we care about wellbeing and conservation, and we know the challenges of balancing these goals, both from the animal wellbeing and human wellbeing point of view. Both need to be considered from an individual and organisational perspective and approached in a holistic manner as all are interconnected. We listen to your needs to help you do the best job you can.

Streamlined, up-to-date findings in the field are the best way to effectively prepare your staff to lead your institution to the forefront of animal welfare and conservation, all while building resilience and optimal occupational wellbeing from an individual and organisational perspective. Accessing simplified tools and practical resources has never been easier through our signature PAWS platform, which includes a pod called One Care which is completely dedicated to human wellbeing.

Our services also include animal welfare programme design and career coaching, with a focus on 24/7 animal welfare and a take care to give care approach for individuals and organisations through focussing on One Care.

We combine science and practical experiences with compassion and creativity to create empathetic sustainable wellbeing programs for animals and people working in welfare and conservation.

In over 350 global events in 42 countries across 6 continents we have inspired and empowered thousands of professionals in creating changes for themselves, the animals they care for, and the planet.

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