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Flourishing animals, peoples, and the planet

AnimalConcepts is helping you care for animals and for yourself. 

Everyone should have access to affordable continued learning opportunities and resources. When peoples unite from a culture of care and respect they, the animals, and the planet can flourish.

You can learn about our services including animal welfare HERE, on human wellbeing HERE and find our resources HERE

More information about the elephant Care and Welfare platform is available HERE

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We are very pleased and grateful to work globally through seminars, events, and other activities. We share knowledge and experiences, and also always learn from many different, highly motivating, and experienced people.

AnimalConcepts is delighted and grateful that many enthusiastic, committed and resourceful professionals are dedicated to working with us to promote animal, human and planetary wellbeing.

From all of us at AnimalConcepts - keep buzzing and being a hummingbird for yourself, animals, peoples, and this beautiful planet we share!


Sabrina Brando 

[email protected]



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