Podcast ATA - Science into Practice #127 Animal perspectives - New fish welfare report

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The article discusses the intricacies of human-animal interaction as a constant development of animal ethics. Instead of exclusively considering animals as creatures to think about, the authors highlight the importance of acknowledging their perspectives on life and communicating with them accordingly. The authors also state that it is key to communicate with different animal species in a way that they understand, this allows reciprocity as opposed to merely a one-way human-based interaction. Finally, they describe the concept of animal ‘agency’, as the manifestation of animals' capacity of choice, which has traditionally been overlooked.

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New fish welfare report

The welfare of farmed fish is a topic that is gaining exponential attention in research, public awareness, production and policy, since the impacts on the animals are reflected in the whole sector.

FishEthoGroup together with the Aquaculture Advisory Council have published a new report regarding the use of scientific knowledge of the ethology of farmed fishes to improve their welfare and production. This recently published report collects the vision of different authors on farmed fish welfare in a comprehensive way and will inform the European Commission on this topic.

You can read the report HERE


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