WELCOME AUGUST! New book available in September 2023 & 4 platforms overview

New book available September!

Personal stories and beautiful images of ageing individuals brightening the start of each chapter and remind us that what we do must be in the best interest of the animal and be at the heart of their care.

We are thrilled about our edited volume - all about Optimal Wellbeing of Ageing Wild Animals in Human Care, by Sabrina Brando and Sarah Chapman DVM. A remarkable group of experts, practitioners, and thought-leaders have contributed and we are currently in the process of proofreading.


Many wild animals in human care live longer than their wild counterparts because of modern care and wellbeing programmes, leading to a growing demographic of ageing animals. This handbook is dedicated to their care. As an innovative expert publication, it integrates all aspects of professional care, including topics such as behaviour, ethics, environmental enrichment, training, veterinary care, nutrition and habitat design. Each animal is unique in their...

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Welcome June! Celebrating Pride month with a free resource on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Every June the world celebrates Pride Month, marking the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and reflecting on how far we have come towards LGBTQIA+ rights and where we still need to go. At AnimalConcepts, we are celebrating LGBTQIA+ inclusion and championing diversity in the zoo and aquarium community with a brand-new free resource addressing the ways in which animal care and other facilities can support staff, students, and visitors no matter how they identify. You can download the free resource HERE

While we wear the rainbow flag for June, it is important to remember as a community that Pride is not something we think about only for one month of the year. There are always things we can do year-round, whether it is day-to-day changes like sharing your pronouns or using inclusive language, or systemic changes like rewriting our DEI policies or building new gender-inclusive infrastructure.

We presented a webinar on gender diversity and...

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Welcome May! 3 platforms overview, May in DogPAWS & SiP #149 Vitamin D status in chimpanzees


Platform overviews

AnimalConcepts welcomes May with new exciting topics in all platforms!

This month on the animal wellbeing platform is all about nutrition. Nutrition is crucial in captive animal facilities, such as zoos, aquariums, and wildlife sanctuaries, as it directly impacts the health, behaviour, and welfare of the animals. We will explore nutritional needs of different species and how this impacts their wellbeing, we will also investigate feeding enrichment, as well as a holistic and sustainable approach to animal nutrition in captive environments. You can download HERE a list of freely available resources created in 2022 on this topic.

Our focus for May in the space of human wellbeing is “Real love in the workplace”. Every human being has a primal need for love, but most of us fail to realise that this need continues into the workplace. Learn more this month about the eight principles for consistently effective leadership grounded in kindness and care....

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EEDs in rehabilitation centres, 4 platforms overview, April in DogPAWS & Bonus SiP #143 Into the animal mind


The Pacific Marine Mammal Center, in collaboration with Kore Zoo, AnimalConcepts and San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance recently published a groundbreaking study titled Environmental Enrichment Devices Are Safe and Effective at Reducing Undesirable Behaviors in California Sea Lions and Northern Elephant Seals during Rehabilitation 

The use of environmental enrichment with wild animals in rescue and rehabilitation facilities has not always been welcomed, appreciated for its opportunities, or utilised. This collaborative study was conducted by the staff and volunteers at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in California, USA on Northern Elephant seals and California sea lions. The positive outcomes hopefully encourage more organisations to use as well as study the benefits of environmental enrichment to support positive wellbeing through cognitive, social, physical, and other challenges. Enrichment devices can assist young animals during critical...

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