GOODBYE 2022. HELLO 2023


2022 has again been a challenging year for the world, in many ways, and we are proud to have represented our values and purpose of being together, providing support for connecting people to nature, and acting as a pillar for change that enhanced the wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet. We are delighted and honoured to do this together with you, welcoming diverse individuals and organisations in the animal care and wellbeing, education, research, and conservation fields. We are thankful for being on this journey with you all. With 2023 on the horizon, we are looking forward, while reflecting on all we have accomplished this year and how we can continue to do our best for ourselves and the animals we care for, and how we can support organisations and individuals in their journey towards one care.


Global collaboration is one of our core values at AnimalConcepts. Our internal and external team is full of experienced, diverse, and caring...

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