BIAZA Research Conference, Bodywork & SiP#160 Welfare assessment tools in zoos

Annual BIAZA Research Conference

Recently BIAZA held its 25th Annual Research Conference, with many talks and poster presentations from professionals from the field. Max Norman, Animal Welfare and Conservation Coordinator at AnimalConcepts attended the in-person event at Dudley Zoo & Castle in the United Kingdom.

"With a topic of Peering into the past and looking to the future it was excellent to hear much reflection on best practice and how we can do better for animals and for people for the future",  says Max Norman. 

The team at AnimalConcepts presented a poster on traditional management practices and facility design with suggested improvements in non-public animal management areas, often called “back-of-house”, in zoos, sanctuaries, and research facilities. Such improvements are integral to enclosure design that aims to optimise animal wellbeing on a 24/7 basis, promote positive affective states and enhance quality of life.

You can freely download the poster presentation HERE and access earlier publications on which the poster was built including the 24/7 across lifespan HERE and Confronting back-of-house traditions HERE

BODYWORK is July's topic on the human wellbeing platform: The inspiring power of body movement in self-expression

In a world where we spend much of our time engrossed in screens and sedentary activities, it is easy to overlook the incredible power of our own bodies. We have evolved to move, the whole planet is in constant movement. We can find inspiration in nature, by looking at the agile movement of a gazelle, the elegant walking of a flamingo, or the fascinating dance of the bees.

Body movement holds within it the potential to inspire, uplift, and transform us. Engaging in physical activity, such as exercise and play, can have a significant role in preventing or managing numerous illnesses, and promoting longevity, as well as being fun and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we grow older. Body movement also has the ability to support, heal and empower you from within. As you engage in purposeful movement, you will discover the profound connection between your mind and body, and learn to let go of stress, quiet the noise of the world, and rediscover harmony and stillness.

Benefits and inspiring possibilities that lie within the possibilities of body movement

When we allow our bodies to move freely, we contribute to our physical and psychological wellbeing. We can also engage in art and other forms of self-expression such as dance, skateboarding or synchronised swimming. Whether it is physical or breathing exercises, dance, or play, movement can also become a bridge between our inner selves and the external world and a connection with others. The power of body movement extends beyond individual empowerment—it has the extraordinary ability to bring people together. For example, in group dance or collaborative physical activities, individuals transcend cultural, social, and language barriers, finding common ground in the universal language of movement.

With sleep as the foundation and nutrition, social life and body movement including exercise as some of the core pillars, all these contribute to your wellbeing so you can feel good while doing good.

Have you moved today?


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