Celebrating 3 years together

2023 celebration interbeing Apr 09, 2023

Celebrating 3 years together

On April 9th, 2020, the AnimalConcepts membership experience launched for the first time, with the Practical Animal Welfare Science platform. In 2021 One Care and Earth Charter-SDG platforms were added to focus on human wellbeing and planetary wellbeing respectively. The interconnected learning platform combines animal, human, and planetary wellbeing content and is unique in the world, offering varied, affordable, and accessible continued professional and personal development, sharing, and learning for all. We have spent the past 3 years developing the platforms with webinars, webposters, activity books, podcasts, and a variety of other resources across a variety of learning styles.

We have continually learned and improved thanks to community feedback since we first launched, and we are pleased to give back to the community with this free celebratory resource and activity book. In 2023, we officially renamed our interconnected platforms as INTERBEING - reconfirming our commitment to the intertwined nature of human, animal, and planetary wellbeing, alongside our new Foundations platform to act as an introduction across all of these areas.

This resource aims to combine our three priority areas of activity into one, taking an approach that you can apply to any new project. Maybe you are reviewing a diet sheet, or you are thinking about building a new enclosure? This activity book aims to help you think about how your project considers all different aspects of human, animal, and planetary wellbeing, with links to free resources from ourselves and others to help you.

With this resource, we hope to celebrate the work we have accomplished over the last three years, celebrate the partnerships we have made, and give our thanks to our growing community. We hope you enjoy this resource, and as always, we love to hear comments, feedback, and suggestions from you, just hit reply to reach us. 

With smiles and gratitude,

Sabrina, Patrícia, Max, Melody, & Irma - the AnimalConcepts Team


Download the activity book HERE or click on the image below. Enjoy!


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