Coming to the Conferences?

We know that you are the kind of people who want to make improvements for people, animals and the planet.

To do that, we all need to be sharing with and learning from others. Conferences are exciting places to do just that. Which is why we’re off to Ohio! 

AnimalConcepts at AZA Conference 

Consider the animals that you care for.

What do they do when you're not around to watch them? 

We'll be presenting on this very topic at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Annual Conference hosted by Columbus Zoo. We'll explore techniques and technologies to improve the experience of animals overnight and throughout their lifespan. We're also presenting two posters covering human wellbeing and food sourcing practices within zoos.

AnimalConcepts at AAZK Conference

The Keynote: How do you care?

How do you care for yourself as an individual. At a leadership level. And as a whole team or organisation. How do you care with compassion and lead with purpose?

Our Keynote Speech at the National Conference for the Association of American Zoo Keepers hosted by Akron Zoo, answers these very questions, with a focus on your individual wellbeing.

The Workshops: How do you change your care for older animals?

We're contributing to a 12-hour course exploring all aspects of geriatric animal care, including quality of life, care practices, case studies and more. We're running a workshop with a specific focus on 24/7 care across lifespan. Then we'll consider how this connects with us through discussions on grief, empathic strain, and celebrations of life. A further workshop on creating a culture of care for ourselves will compliment, and provide lots of tools and resources to take home.

There's still time to register for the conference HERE

What If I Can't Attend the Conferences?

We think it’s really annoying when a conference sounds really interesting, but you can’t travel there in person or afford the registration fee. We believe these barriers should not stop us from sharing or learning with others. So what can you do instead if you want to make improvements for people, animals and the planet? 

  • For yourself: During our workshops we'll invite people to pause. We invite you to do the same, here and now, just for a moment. Think about animal or pet that you have cared for, either now or in the past. What makes you happy when you think about them?  We believe we should all spend a little more time reflecting on this. 
  • For Animals: Buy the book! The workshops we run cover content from the book on Optimal Wellbeing of Ageing Wild Animals in Human Care, written in collaboration with Sarah Chapman. Purchase the book and read all the chapters HERE
  • For the planet: In the poster we're presenting at AZA, we identify opportunities for more sustainable choices in food sourcing. Download the free poster HERE

Keep an eye on future newsletters where we’ll give you an inside taster of what was covered with participants during the workshops so that you can benefit even if you haven't attended.


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