DogPAWS - Dog Wellbeing: Applied Science, Practice & Training

2023 dogpaws Jan 28, 2023

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DogPAWS - Dog Wellbeing: Applied Science, Practice & Training 

Today there is a big launch event celebrating a new platform dedicated to the care and wellbeing of dogs everywhere. DogPAWS - Dog Wellbeing: Applied Science, Practice & Training is a collaboration between AnimalConcepts, Sabrina Karl Dog Training and Dogs & Science



Coming from a culture of care and compassion, and combining the most recent scientific literature and best practices, we strive to improve standards and promote excellent wellbeing for dogs in all forms of human care globally. We believe uniting science, practice and training helps to promote excellence in dog wellbeing. This trinity between science, practice & training is the core of our DogPAWS platform!

The founders of DogPAWS - Sabrina Brando, Dr. Sabrina Karl and Dr. Annika Bremhorst unite to promote excellence in dog care and wellbeing, together they have years of experience in research, practice, and training. They will be collaborating with experts, professionals, practitioners, and others interested in dog wellbeing, and hopefully you too if you are working or interested in the dog field, to together be changemakers for dog wellbeing!

"I am excited about this wonderful collaboration because we are 3 amazing ladies who put together their expertise to share it with all the other awesome dog lovers out there!" - Dr. Sabrina Karl

"Through uniting science, practice and training, our DogPAWS trinity, we strive to empower everyone in promoting excellent dog wellbeing. I am thrilled to be part of an amazing team with such a wonderful mission and I look forward to working with them and building a global community of people who all care about canine welfare!" - Dr. Annika Bremhorst

Providing optimal wellbeing is all people compassionately caring for dogs in any form strive for. DogPAWS combines applied science, ethics, practical activities including animal training, and environmental management and the human-animal relationship as steppingstones for holistic care and wellbeing programs and approaches.

This online continued education platform supports excellence in dog care and wellbeing by providing access to science-based learning, information resources, sharing opportunities, interactive discussion and connection as well as practical experiences related to all aspects of dog care and welfare.

DogPAWS may assist anyone, regardless of experience level, position, or background. This platform enables dog trainers, related professionals, veterinarians and veterinary assistants, dog owners, experts in the dog field, students, academics, policymakers, and others interested people to learn, share, network and exchange their expertise and experiences around dogs. Anybody with interest in dogs is warmly welcome!

On a monthly basis, we provide information and support in the form of webinars, expert interviews, science-into-practice webposters, or practical resources to actively discuss interesting topics and individual experiences on many different topics all around dogs. 

DogPAWS is part of the first and only global online platforms combining human, animal, and planetary wellbeing, all by AnimalConcepts and is a stand-alone platform in line with this philosophy and practice. “We are delighted to connect with and support the dog care and wellbeing field, next to our work with other species and breeds across different animal-related fields. We are all about global collaboration, including supporting those who work to improve dog care and wellbeing everywhere. This interdisciplinary platform with a global approach will be another contribution to being changemakers together for a kinder and flourishing world for all”, says Sabrina Brando, director of AnimalConcepts.

Get support, opportunities for continued education & practical resources to promote excellent welfare of dogs everywhere! Find out more about the DogPAWS platform and register for access HERE

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We hope to welcome you on DogPAWS - get ready to connect, learn, share, and interact! 


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