FOUNDATIONS platform & Science Into Practice #135 Activity and pool use in hippopotamuses

Last week we released our new Foundations platform, which is designed to be a starting point for those who are new to the platform, need a refresher on how to use our library, or are looking for basic introductory information on the many concepts we cover across our three animal, human, and planetary wellbeing platforms.

As with all resources on all our platforms, these resources are designed to be used at any time, anywhere, when you need them. You can find a variety of materials like introduction to animal welfare assessments and the Earth Charter, guides on how to read scientific resources or how to be a transformational leader, and practical activities to apply your acquired knowledge. Every month we release new information and practical exercises that will help you to learn and understand different topics, with useful illustrations, glossaries, and more attractive resources.

We aim to provide content that suits a wide range of people from a wide range of backgrounds, no matter how much experience you have.

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Another Science into Practice is available on the animal wellbeing platform, as well as new human and planetary wellbeing content. Want to learn more? Sign up HERE

The importance of transformational leadership

Transformational leadership seeks to inspire and motivate individuals or groups to achieve their full potential. Unlike traditional leadership styles that rely on a top-down, authoritarian approach, transformational leadership focuses on developing a relationship between the leader and the followers to achieve common goals. Transformational leaders have a clear vision, communicate effectively, empower their followers, focus on personal growth and development, and operate with a strong sense of purpose and ethical values. This leadership style can lead to higher levels of motivation and engagement and bring about positive changes for the animals and people we care for.


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