Sneak Peak 2023 & Science into Practice #125 Wild animals in entertainment

Sneak peek planning 2023

You gave us feedback on topics and resources, download the 2023 planning for the overview of the monthly TOPICS HERE or click on the picture below. The overarching theme of the year is TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP. You are ready, let's go!

Catch Me a Colobus ZSL ABMA Behavior Month 2022

You can watch all kinds of presentations on the Animal Behavior Management Alliance YouTube Channel, check them out, if you feel inspired you can start with the one below or choose another from the channel's videos!

Catch me a Colobus! Habituation and training for a new development by Jim Mackie Animal Behaviour Management Officer and Jacob Winfield Senior Primate Keeper. This presentation tells the story so far…

Another Science into Practice is available on the PAWS platform!

Links to some practical examples

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