Behaviour, animal training and human wellbeing- Science into Practice #124 Training as enrichment: a critical review

Watch and listen to a zoo-focused virtual behavior chat hosted by Dr. Eduardo (Eddie) J Fernandez (Florida Tech; University of Adelaide), with Sabrina Brando (AnimalConcepts), Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Herrelko (Smithsonian's National Zoo), Nicholas (Nic) Bishop (Adelaide Zoo). It was recorded on February 26th, 2021. In this chat, we cover many topics related to the science and practice of animal training, enrichment, and general welfare of zoo animals. Some specifics include increasing and examining optimal animal-visitor interactions, training as both a means to increase husbandry/veterinary procedures as well as a form of enrichment, how we incorporate both research and practice into proper zoo animal welfare, and lots of responses to attendee questions/comments. On the YouTube page, you also find a lot of references! You can access by clicking HERE

Ongoing learning and sharing is at the core of AnimalConcepts philosophy and to continue serving our community in the human wellbeing space Sabrina is always looking for new information, to refresh and update skills and activities. Thank you Françoise Mathieu M. Ed., RP from TEND for another insightful online course on compassion fatigue 101 and an update on empathic strain.

The 'One Care' by AnimalConcepts approach is based on optimal human and animal wellbeing. Compassionate self-care (individuals) and we-care (leadership & organisational) approaches combined will support the commitment and desire of serving animals and the environment. When we take care to give care, people and animals can flourish.

AnimalConcepts offers a variety of training related to human wellbeing, including multi-day courses, webinars, conference presentations, and keynotes. We also organise bespoke events and training for individuals, small teams and larger organisations. You can find more information on human wellbeing and our One Care approach as well as book a training HERE

Another Science into Practice is available on the PAWS platform!

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