WELCOME AUGUST! New book available in September 2023 & 4 platforms overview

New book available September!

Personal stories and beautiful images of ageing individuals brightening the start of each chapter and remind us that what we do must be in the best interest of the animal and be at the heart of their care.

We are thrilled about our edited volume - all about Optimal Wellbeing of Ageing Wild Animals in Human Care, by Sabrina Brando and Sarah Chapman DVM. A remarkable group of experts, practitioners, and thought-leaders have contributed and we are currently in the process of proofreading.


Many wild animals in human care live longer than their wild counterparts because of modern care and wellbeing programmes, leading to a growing demographic of ageing animals. This handbook is dedicated to their care. As an innovative expert publication, it integrates all aspects of professional care, including topics such as behaviour, ethics, environmental enrichment, training, veterinary care, nutrition and habitat design. Each animal is unique in their preferences, physical and emotional needs. Ageing animals may change their behaviour, alter the use space, and may also experience events and their relationships with their carers differently than they used to. The ageing process and death of an individual can be a significant event for others in their group, as well as the human carers.

This book consolidates best practices for supporting and assessing optimal ageing animal wellbeing. It describes practical and science-informed approaches and philosophies regarding the care of ageing wild animals in zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, universities and laboratories in a single source. This is an invaluable reference for veterinarians, animal care professionals, animal welfare researchers and students, and anyone with an interest in caring for animals.

The book will be available next month in hard copy and eBook. You can preorder a copy HERE

Platform overviews

AnimalConcepts welcomes August with new exciting and inspiring topics in all platforms!

Animal wellbeing

This month on the animal wellbeing platform is all about animal training. Animals and people have a great capacity to learn, and animals can be trained for a wide variety of purposes. This month we will be focusing on building animal training programmes that cater to the needs of both the individual animal and their trainer.

Download HERE for free a new paper by Sabrina Brando and Max Norman from AnimalConcepts on handling and training of wild animals. Check HERE a list of resources created in 2022 on animal training.

Human wellbeing

Our focus for August in the space of human wellbeing is “Un-digital”. In an increasingly online and technology-based world, we must find new ways to connect with people and ourselves outside the digital sphere. Explore ways to unplug across moments in your day-to-day life.

Planetary wellbeing

August’s topic on the planetary wellbeing platform is “Respect all living beings”. Respect for all beings with whom we share our planet is both a moral and practical stance, wherein we can ensure all beings are able to play their parts with dignity. In a critical moment in the history of all life on Earth, we need to recognise the interconnectedness and the interdependence of all beings, the INTERBEING.

On the DogPAWS platform

More than half a year has passed since we launched DogPAWS together, an online platform that provides individuals, institutions and organisations with access to continuous science-based learning, sharing opportunities, and resources needed to support optimal dog wellbeing.

In July and August, this platform explores the topic of "Dog breed diversification and its relations to training" through theoretical resources and interactive sessions. Do not miss any of the reading materials, webinars and other resources in the platform! Register for membership HERE


INTERBEING is 4 interconnected platforms & an online community, which continues to grow with new content every week! Another Science into Practice is available on the animal wellbeing platform, as well as new foundations, human, and planetary wellbeing content. Want to learn more? Sign up HERE to access, share, and learn anytime, anywhere.

The Elephant Care and Wellbeing platform is now closed

Unfortunately, the elephant care and wellbeing platform will not continue to exist and has now been closed.

We want to thank all presenters and collaborators that worked on this platform for their efforts and wonderful contributions, we are very grateful to you all. The resources and materials will be available soon on the Animal Wellbeing platform so they can be continued to be used and enjoyed by many.

The private Facebook group has been dissolved and the public Facebook group is now managed by the Global Elephant Care.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Sabrina & AC Team


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