Welcome Israeli Primate Sanctuary

We are delighted to welcome the Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation as a community member to the three interconnected online platforms: Practical Animal Welfare Science (animal wellbeing), One Care (human wellbeing), and the Earth Charter & SDGs (planetary wellbeing).

The Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation (IPSF), is a non-profit home to 850 primates of 20 different species. It serves as a refuge for primates rescued and or retired from biomedical research and those seized from petting zoos and the exotic pet trade in Israel. The sanctuary provides primates with psychological rehabilitation through an enriched environment, physical rehabilitation, and excellent veterinary care. The foundation also has a leading role in generating standards and laws regarding primate welfare in Israel. It has implemented and carried out birth control projects in all petting zoos in Israel that house primates and has successfully and drastically reduced the illegal trade of primates in Israel.

"Monkeys are not pets. As long as there is a demand for cute monkeys, the trade will continue. Here at the Israeli Primate Sanctuary we sincerely hope that the awareness that we spread about the fate of these sensitive animals will prevent animal lovers from purchasing a monkey for themselves, or prompt people to report cases of imprisoned monkeys in serious condition."

AnimalConcepts is committed to supporting the Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation in its goals and purpose. Learn more about the Foundation's mission, activities, visits, and opportunities to support them HERE


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