Ep85 Dr Jane Goodall on the interconnectedness of life, feelings of beingness, acting locally & the importance of hope

Every single individual impacts the planet in some way, big or small everyday. Every individual has a role to play”. - Jane Goodall

Let us welcome Dr Jane Goodall DBE, who has worked for nearly 60 years protecting chimpanzees. Her work has led to conservation incorporating the needs of the local people as well as the environment.

In this episode, Jane shares with us the importance of interconnection through finding common ground to improve the effectiveness of conservation strategies.

If we find the right organisations to collaborate with… and to share values about the sanctity of life, whether it's animal-human, human-animal, we’re all one! And yet, we’re different, so we are responsible for the harm we are causing around the globe”.

Jane explains the role of the Jane Goodall Institute and its sanctuaries in helping both the chimps, the environment, and the locals and how it can be used to promote ecotourism.

Jane then explains the importance of networking communities and connecting youth in order to promote positive change for animals and the environment through her programme ‘Roots & Shoots”.

Every species of animal and plant has a role to play. It was all connected. It’s like a tapestry of beautiful colours, a living tapestry of life. As a species becomes locally extinct, it is like pulling a thread, from that tapestry, and enough threads are pulled, then that tapestry will hang in tatters, and that ecosystem will collapse, and we have to realise, we are apart of the natural world and not only that, we depend on it for everything”.

To conclude, Jane gives us reasons for hope and informs us of its importance within the world. She explains how hope is inspiring, and how it spreads easily sparking action. Sparking change.

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