Ep81 A conversation with Jill Mellen and Sabrina Brando about public perceptions on animal welfare, exhibits and enrichments

2022 ibuzz podcast Feb 12, 2022

It’s really important to understand what our zoo visitors are seeing, feeling and understanding, because we want them to be a full partner in how we manage and take care of animals” – Jill Mellen

"Our interpretations of what we may think of our own animals at home versus wild animals in our care... We have lots of similar problems... We could bring visitors along in learning to assess the wellbeing of animals and how this can be used with their own animals" - Sabrina Brando

Jill Mellen joins us once again to discuss with Sabrina Brando how the public perceives the welfare of animals housed in a zoo. They explain how understanding this perception is important in the planning of management strategies.

Jill shares with us how zookeepers are the critical mediator in making a positive experience, by taking the time to interact with visitors to divulge knowledge. They remind us how some domestic species share behaviours with many species in the zoo and reminding visitors of this can potentially improve the welfare of their pets.

They discuss how media detachment can alter the narrative of work achieved in zoos, making zoos and aquariums appear that they are not doing right by the animals in their care. 

Jill and Sabrina conclude the podcast by offering several suggestions that could be implemented into zoos to increase positive public interactions.

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