Ep22 Megan Ross on animal care and welfare & conservation science, honesty and success stories

2020 ibuzz podcast Dec 19, 2020

Dr. Megan Ross is a visionary institutional director focused on all strategic, operational, and programmatic initiatives at Lincoln Park Zoo (LPZ). She is also the first female zoo director in the 150-year history of the zoo. Megan is an expert in zoo and aquarium ethics, a published scientist, and a committed environmentalist. 

Megan talks about how she started in the zoo community many decades ago when she met Terry Maple. Throughout her time in the zoo, she has done research in several fields, and she discusses her studies with flamingos, as well as her research on ultra-violet light in birds when she was working as a bird curator.

Megan encourages people who are interested in a zoo career to say yes to (almost) all challenges, to try new things, and seek out advice from others respected in the field. Sabrina and Megan discuss the detail of honesty with yourself as a key point, and how it can help you achieve your goals, and enjoy what you are doing. Megan shares how this stance helped her find out what type of career she wanted.

Megan shares some of the extensive research programs LPZ has in-situ and ex-situ. About the behaviour and cognitive projects with great apes, projects involving protecting wild animals in the cities, and the conservation projects they have in different areas around the world. She remarks on the significant roles the zoos and aquariums have today, and the importance of local and global collaboration, in a respectful and integrated manner.

Megan describes the welfare program at the Lincoln Park Zoo through a holistic approach and she shares with us a practical example with goats, on how small changes can make huge impacts.

In conclusion, Megan shares success stories in animal care and welfare, and conservation science.

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