Ep83 William Winhall on marine mammal training, importance of collaboration and community communication

Changes in how we react with animals… it’s not all about food. The animals are going to get their food anyway, there is so much more to the relationship” - Sabrina 2022

It’s important that we’re doing research to help animals that are in the wild. I believe a big reason that we have these animals is not for money or entertainment, but it's for education, conservation and research…” - William Winhall

Today we welcome William (Bill) Winhall, the Manager/Principal Consultant at Marine Mammal Care Consulting LLC and who has a very long career in marine mammal care and welfare.

Bill tells us that although he has always had an interest in nature, his first ambitions lay with becoming a professional baseball player. However, due to injuries, he decided to study for a degree in Biological Sciences (Marine). Bill then told us of his career ladder, starting as a Tour Boat Operator at Marine World/Africa USA.

Bill then shares with us how marine mammal training has changed and the importance of collaboration in training with animals and colleagues. He also provided us with many examples, for example, Cocoa the Pilot Whale. Bill also explains the importance of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums inspecting and sharing the best practices to improve care.

Bill also shares with us how understanding animals in captivity is critical in helping animals in the wild to conserve and restore habitats and species.

Bill concludes by sharing stories about training a young dolphin and a young sea lion, explaining the importance of understanding the individual to alter training to fit their needs.

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