It matters how you do things

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We all get way too many emails. Inboxes fill up, emails get ignored and content can be overwhelming. But when you get a great email, it's really rather satisfying.

Something that is actually helpful, interesting and meaningful.

Now that sounds like an email worth writing and reading.


We want our emails to be useful. We hope they already are, but we're also in the business of continued improvement! So you might start to see some tweaks and changes as we experiment with what works best.

We just want to say that if there are bits you like, something you find useful, or parts that aren't so great, then please hit reply and share your story. This space is for you.

We're really glad you're here.

How we do things makes a difference

What difference can you make today?
It matters how you think

Melody is presenting a talk in Spanish at the Iberian Association of Wild Animal Caretakers (AICAS) ninth Congress meeting. Key takeaways include:

  • Enrichment is not something that we add or do because we have to. It's of critical meaning to the individual.
  • Individual needs and preferences vary throughout the day, season and life stage, so our efforts need to be reviewed constantly.

How we approach these things makes a big difference. It's often overwhelming to overhaul entire systems overnight.

So instead, start small. It's possible to make significant changes with just a few simple resources that you have right now.

How you think impacts what you do. There are daily challenges, but there are also daily opportunities. So, what difference can you make today?


When taking care of animals, people, the planet and ourselves,

what we do is important

but how we do it makes the biggest difference


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