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Animal Sentience and Welfare: A Self-help Guide by Professor Emeritus John Webster

"For more than 50 years my thoughts and deeds have focused on animal sentience and animal welfare, viewed, so far as possible through their eyes, not ours. I offer this site as an introduction to these things, as I understand them, for all who care, whatever their age and experience. My approach is based on the principle of Reverence for Life. My rules of engagement are constrained by the principles of sound science. Together, these drive me to the conclusion that all life is worthy of respect and no species is better or more worthy of our respect than any other. My aim throughout this brief introduction to the philosophy, science and practice of animal welfare is not to suggest what you should think but to present structures upon which you can develop your own thoughts and interpret your experience. There are links for those who want to dig deeper. I have put these ideas on a website because those with whom I most want to share my ideas are those who cannot afford my books." You can access the website HERE

Bishop Burton College

"It's been an absolute delight working with Sabrina.  She has shared her wealth of knowledge and awesome insights with my students and me on several occasions; her passion for improved animal welfare, behaviour and training is infectious.  This passion is equally matched with her focus to help develop our understanding of the human half of those relationships too. We get a real buzz having her join our lectures, and I look forward to continuing our collaborations" says Hanne Grice ABTC-CAB, who is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Trainer & Animal Sciences lecturer at The University Centre Bishop Burton.

"Collaborating with colleges and universities is wonderful, connecting with future animal care professionals, researchers, and other jobs they could potentially end up in. I enjoy the interactive aspect of Q&A as well we hearing stories and future plans. I am already looking forward to the next time!" says Sabrina Brando, Changemaker at AnimalConcepts. 

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 Not A Pet

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Wildlife Trafficking Alliance and the International Fund for Animal Welfare launched a joint campaign to address the exotic pet trade. As an AZA corporate member, AnimalConcepts is keen to support this campaign, hopefully moving us closer to a world where wild animals live in the wild, and if in human care, live in professionally managed environments. 

The #NotAPet campaign seeks to highlight the illegal trade of wild animals sold as pets in the United States while also highlighting the risk of disease emergence, spillover, and spread caused by the legal and illegal exotic pet trade. Did you know that high global demand for exotic pets fuels the illegal capture and trade of millions of animals, many of which suffer and die in the process? Not only is the buying and selling of many exotic pets illegal, but the trade can lead to zoonotic diseases: diseases that can be transmitted to humans or other animals. Wildlife trafficking and zoonotic diseases are complex, global problems and can feel overwhelming when you don’t know how to help or where to start.

The Not a Pet campaign addresses the illegal trade of live wildlife as pets and the risk of zoonotic diseases caused by the live pet trade (both legal and illegal).  Luckily, there are actions you can take to help. 

Click HERE to begin your journey.


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