New book and plans for 2024



We know we've been a bit quiet on emails lately, so thanks for your patience. Rest assured we've been busy in the background planning for 2024 so that you have the best possible resources to help you care for animals and for yourself.

Planning for 2024

Thank you for everyone who responded to our surveys recently. Collectively you voted to see more:

Conservation scientists and animal welfare speakers
How-to protocols and decision tree frameworks
Topics covering habitat design, cognition, animal behaviour and human wellbeing.
If these weren't your first choices, please don't worry. We've worked hard to include everyone's answers, with a range of interconnected topics that support animal, human and planetary wellbeing.

See the plans for 2024

Good news to end 2023 - our book is published!

Each animal is unique in their preferences, experiences and physical and emotional needs which can change as they age. This book covers science, ethics, and best practices for supporting and assessing the optimal wellbeing of ageing animals. 

If you're a vet, animal care professional, caregiver, researcher, student or interested in the care of animals, this go-to resource will be your guidebook when caring for older animals and yourself in the process. 

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Highlights of 2023

From sharing our work on back of house habitat design at the UK BIAZA research conference, to giving a keynote on animal and human wellbeing at AAZK in the US, and sharing stories about enrichment at AICAS in Spain, we have experienced the joy of sharing our story and promoting optimal care for animals and the people who care for them across languages, cultures, and geographical borders.

The love and concern people have for animals, each other, and the planet transcends borders. And it's always inspiring to see the efforts of care professionals, alongside the nods and smiles of recognition as we share the joys and sorrows of working with animals. Thank you for being part of this journey with us to create positive change for people, animals and the planet. 


We're grateful to have you as a partner in purpose.

Thank you to our Global Collaborators

We are very thankful to be supported by a wonderful team of collaborators who give their time, effort and dedication to supporting the creation of the resources we are able to share with you. We simply couldn't do it without their help, so we wanted to say a special thank you to each individual of our global team.

From left to right our thanks go out to Catherine Law, Francesca Bandoli, Jolijn Jansen, Kaushalika Dharmadhikari, Keri Murrell, Jill Schelleman, Roselle Smith, Sasha Montero, Summer Zalar, Valle Sanchez-Izquierdo, Hannah Sinclair and Willow Hecht.

Happy holidays

To round off, we wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday season. We will be taking time to rest, but are looking forward to all the excitement and opportunity of 2024. We send our warmest wishes to you wherever you are, and wish you the very best for the New Year.

Take good care. 

The AnimalConcepts Team


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