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AnimalConcepts is joyful to welcome Irma Verhoeven MA and Hannah Jenkins BSc to the team! Irma joins as an Environmental, Education and Social Architect and Hannah as a Storyteller.

Global collaboration is a fundamental value at AnimalConcepts. Irma and Hannah will play important roles in supporting and expanding our services and resources advocating for animal, human, and planetary wellbeing. AnimalConcepts is committed to the Earth Charter and greatly values the overarching principle ‘respect and care for the community of life’. We use the Earth Charter as an ethical lens to guide our decisions and work towards a just, sustainable, peaceful and ethical society. Continuing to create and embody a culture of care is core to our purpose and rooted in and based on an interconnected culture of care and respect. Our perspectives, beliefs, narratives, and expectations have an influence on how we care for ourselves, animals, and the planet. Nurturing these in a more fruitful, empathetic, and compassionate direction is key when encouraging different pathways forward.

Irma works alongside the rest of the AnimalConcepts team as a professional educator by developing materials and frameworks that create awareness of the effects of the Anthropocene and inspire people, organisations, and communities to implement caring and regenerative sustainable solutions. 

Hannah's collaboration with the team and beyond focuses on cultivating change through storytelling with the aim to shift narratives and improved interactions between peoples, other animals, and the planet we share with all.

"All roles in AnimalConcepts are highly interconnected and I am delighted that Irma and Hannah are joining as partners in purpose, together with our external Global team, our partners, members, and clients, our communities and beyond, all doing the best we can for a flourishing world for generations to come!" shares Sabrina Brando, Director of AnimalConcepts.

"All AnimalConcepts collaborators are passionate about being the change for animals, people and the planet. I am proud to contribute by using my educational skills and knowledge on ethics, sustainability, regeneration, (bio)diversity and cultural experiences", shares Irma.

"My passion is to cultivate change through telling stories, shifting narratives, and distilling science so people can have a better understanding of animals and a practical toolbox that leads to improved wellbeing for all. I am thrilled to join a team that drives change and understands the value of life’s interconnections", says Hannah.


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