Ep88 Suzanne Gendron on the importance of informal education in conservation activities

2022 podcast webuzz Apr 02, 2022

We have a mission to connect people with nature to inspire stewardship for nature through those connections!... An emotional connection with nature through spending time in nature is more important than environmental education for inculcating that sense of stewardship in children… an important part of conversation”. - Suzanne Gendron

Let us welcome Suzanne Gendron, the Director of Sage Advice Consulting and the Former Executive Director of Zoological Operations and Conservation at Ocean Park Hong Kong. 

In this episode, Suzanne shares with us the importance of educational opportunities outside of school to promote stewardship through creating a connection to nature.

Suzanne explains how Ocean Park aims to support Asian biodiversity and the strategies it has implemented to achieve this. She highlights crucially how conservation problems are not going to get better without cooperation.

Suzanne then shares some of the educational activities Ocean Park employs to inspire others to take small actions to help conservation species.

Suzanne then shares the work of Sage Advice Consulting, and how she utilises her 40 years to provide valuable insight to facilitate improved animal welfare, conservation and education, thus, positively impacting the conservation of animals.

To conclude, Suzanne shares with us her love of scuba diving and her awe-inspiring dive with Whale Sharks further inspired her love of the sea.

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