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The Pacific Marine Mammal Center, in collaboration with Kore Zoo, AnimalConcepts and San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance recently published a groundbreaking study titled Environmental Enrichment Devices Are Safe and Effective at Reducing Undesirable Behaviors in California Sea Lions and Northern Elephant Seals during Rehabilitation 

The use of environmental enrichment with wild animals in rescue and rehabilitation facilities has not always been welcomed, appreciated for its opportunities, or utilised. This collaborative study was conducted by the staff and volunteers at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in California, USA on Northern Elephant seals and California sea lions. The positive outcomes hopefully encourage more organisations to use as well as study the benefits of environmental enrichment to support positive wellbeing through cognitive, social, physical, and other challenges. Enrichment devices can assist young animals during critical learning phases as well as older animals, or those healing from pathologies or injuries. Environmental enrichment is one of the tools and approaches which support reintroduction back into the wild, or for those not deemed not suitable for release and place in other facilities. Kore Zoo sponsored part of the study and provided some of the environmental enrichment devices used in this study. Sabrina Brando and the team at AnimalConcepts assisted in the design, writing, and publication of the paper. 

Learn more about the study, animals, and co-authors, by downloading the study for FREE HERE

4 platforms overview

This month on the animal wellbeing platform is all about mental wellbeing. Like physical wellbeing, mental and psychological wellbeing of animals is key to supporting good welfare. We will explore animal emotions, dimensions of animal consciousness, and how we can better understand them. You can check HERE a list of freely available resources on this topic. 

Our focus for April in the space of human wellbeing is forging compassion combining empathy and action, and cultivating an understanding of the needs of other people, animals, and the planet, assisted by the hope and energy that compassion can give us. What would it be like to be in the position of other beings? Read this inspirational blog post by Sabrina Brando on the impact of our actions and interactions on the animals we work with.

On the planetary wellbeing platform, we will focus on the different types of ecological harm that can result from anthropogenic activity and how acting locally and globally can help to mitigate and prevent these harms. Want to learn more about planetary wellbeing? Watch HERE the welcome message from Irma Verhoeven and Sabrina Brando on planetary wellbeing.

On the DogPAWS platform

In January 2023 we launched DogPAWS with our friends, colleagues, and experts in the dog care and wellbeing space. DogPAWS is an online platform featuring applied science, practice and training, ethics, and other topics and approaches. During the first trimester, the platform has provided relevant knowledge in various formats such as webinars and reading materials, about different topics such as emotions, the five domains, and the 24/7 concepts focussed on dogs. This month on the DogPAWS platform is all about the practical side of emotions / affective states in dogs.

Learn more about DogPAWS and register for membership HERE


INTERBEING is 4 interconnected platforms & an online community, which continues to grow with new content every week! Another Science into Practice is available on the animal wellbeing platform, as well as new foundations, human, and planetary wellbeing content. Want to learn more? Sign up HERE to access, share, and learn anytime, anywhere.


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