Workshop at Zoo de La Flèche! Hummingbird stories and the Earth Day

Workshop at Zoo de La Flèche, France

Zoo de La Flèche wrote recently on their Linkedin page: "Last week we were pleased to welcome Sabrina Brando, an international animal and human wellbeing consultant.

Sabrina founded AnimalConcepts and has been working with wild animals in human care worldwide for over 30 years. She promotes a concept which considers the lives of animals 24/7 across lifespan, including the time when the animal caretakers.

For 5 days, Sabrina collaborated with the park's animal care and veterinary teams to establish an animal welfare report for the individuals in the Zoo. These 5 days were punctuated by workshops and behavioural studies in the field in order to highlight opportunities and challenges and provide food for thought to be implemented in the daily work by the animal care staff.

"I was delighted to work again alongside the animal care teams at Zoo de La Flèche. We had an interactive week with a 24/7 workshop, as well as other topics and observations related to animal care and wellbeing topics. We also spent some time discussing human wellbeing, we need to be well to do good. When we take care, we can give care. I commend Zoo de La Flèche for its continued commitment to wellbeing practices for all." said Sabrina Brando.

Thank you to Sabrina for her listening skills and her expertise. Thank you to the teams of carers and vets who take care of our animals!"

We look forward to continued collaboration, thank you Zoo de La Flèche for the invitation!

Learn more about Zoo de La Flèche HERE

Hummingbird stories: Earth Day

Last week we celebrated Earth Day, an annual event happening on April 22nd to raise awareness about environmental issues, promote sustainable practices for the wellbeing of our planet, and remember all the wonders that this big interconnected system offers us. In order to commemorate and celebrate Earth, Earth Charter International hosted the event “Nurturing Our Capacity to Care for Earth, Our Home, and Its Community of Life through Education,” under the theme of: “Invest in our planet”, which focuses on the need to act, innovate and implement. You can watch the recording HERE.

There are many ways to celebrate our planet and show our appreciation for the natural world. Some of them sound already very familiar to us, like planting a tree, carrying reusable plastic or cloth bags, spending time in nature, or supporting local businesses that prioritise sustainability. Here we share some other creative ideas to celebrate Earth while having fun and engaging with other people:

  • Participate in a local environmental art project: Use your artistic skills to create a mural, sculpture, or other art installation that highlights environmental issues.
  • Host a clothing swap: Invite friends and family to bring clothes they no longer wear and swap them with each other instead of buying new clothes.
  • Build a bird feeder: You can do a lot for the beings of the Earth, starting in your own backyard or neighbourhood.
  • Host a zero-waste party: Instead of using disposable plates and cups, use reusable dishes and cutlery. Serve plant-based foods and drinks in compostable cups.
  • Take a sustainability challenge: Challenge yourself to reduce your waste, use less energy, or consume fewer resources for a set period of time, such as a week or a month.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that every action, no matter how small, can make a difference in protecting our planet. "Let’s all be hummingbirds, small but powerful, shining all kinds of lights for a brighter world." – Sabrina Brando (from Good news and actions: peoples and organisations as forces for good, 2022).


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