Ep86 Sabrina Brando on 1 life, Metallica, language around animals and nature, and I SEE YOU

"Everyone has 1 life. Me, you, and each animal in our care. Let's bring awareness to what seems so obvious, and embody I SEE YOU" - Sabrina Brando

Join Sabrina Brando in thinking about the 1 life we all have. On how we can make a difference, through the methods and approaches we use, patience and loving-kindness.

Sabrina discusses bringing attention to the effect of our language around other animals and nature, and how this can shape the ways we think and act.

She shares some recent insights and experiences with animals and a valuable lesson from Metallica.

Sabrina briefly discusses her perspectives around the 'I SEE YOU' concept she developed. Of bringing together our heart, mind, gut, and senses, and many other important aspects, and to stay connected 'seeing', in the broadest sense, for animals, peoples, and this beautiful planet we share.

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