Ep87 Sabrina Brando on human wellbeing, empowering people, being a force for good, & love in the workplace

Sabrina Brand on human wellbeing, empowering people, being a force for good, & love in the workplace

"What all people need most is to feel loved (Baer, 2011). Today a deep and true culture of care is about love in the workplace." - Sabrina Brando

Join Sabrina Brando in thinking about human wellbeing, specifically in the workplace, the importance to empower people, and how love, care, and respect are fundamental for community.

Sabrina discusses the need to be open, to keep listening, to stay connected, and to understand the needs of the people who are in direct contact with animals, visitors, and other important frontline professionals.

She briefly discusses different dimensions of and approaches to human wellbeing which all have a place and require attention at an individual and organisational level, including being a trauma-informed workplace.

This brief podcast continues to conversation started in Ep56 and Ep86 and sets the stage for more episodes and other communications in...

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Ep86 Sabrina Brando on 1 life, Metallica, language around animals and nature, and I SEE YOU

"Everyone has 1 life. Me, you, and each animal in our care. Let's bring awareness to what seems so obvious, and embody I SEE YOU" - Sabrina Brando

Join Sabrina Brando in thinking about the 1 life we all have. On how we can make a difference, through the methods and approaches we use, patience and loving-kindness.

Sabrina discusses bringing attention to the effect of our language around other animals and nature, and how this can shape the ways we think and act.

She shares some recent insights and experiences with animals and a valuable lesson from Metallica.

Sabrina briefly discusses her perspectives around the 'I SEE YOU' concept she developed. Of bringing together our heart, mind, gut, and senses, and many other important aspects, and to stay connected 'seeing', in the broadest sense, for animals, peoples, and this beautiful planet we share.

Access 24/7 across lifespan information and resources HERE

Watch the EAZA webinar on Back-of-House with Sabrina Brando & Jon Coe HERE


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Good news and actions: peoples and organisations as forces for good

‘You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Dr Jane Goodall

Let’s start on a positive: there is always good news to be found and possibilities for action! It is easy to feel that all is bad, that there is so much wrong and suffering in the world. And to a certain extent that is very true, there is a lot wrong and there is a lot of suffering. To be and or continue being a force of good we must find ways to stay grounded, connected and look for opportunities, for good news, finding solutions however small. To keep looking where we can act to make a change, to make something better, to help the healing. To listen, to reflect, to learn, to change considering new teachings, to co-create, and a willingness to serve. This is bigger than me, this is bigger than you, we are all interconnected. It is key to infuse yourself with...

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We are ALL in the animal care and welfare department!


Unedited transcript of the video above 

"We are all in the welfare department. So it's really interesting. Sometimes I hear these things about, you know, well, we should talk to the welfare department, or we should, you know, talk to the welfare scientist. And of course, being a welfare scientist and animal welfare scientist is a professional in itself. You know, everybody has their specializations. But it is important to know that we are all in the animal care and welfare department. So sometimes, it's also about, well, let's create a special issue around animal welfare. But everything that we do is about animal wellbeing. Everything that we do, revolves around care, right? So there's no separation with regards to when we're talking about breeding conservation efforts, feeding the animals cleaning, the human-animal interaction, everything is animal care, and well being in the sense that it has an effect. And whether that's a good one or a bad one, you know, depending on how...

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How it all began for Sabrina Brando

2019 career sabrina brando Dec 27, 2019

This week I attended the 2nd World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona, Spain – a 7-day immersion in the world of dolphins, whales, pinnipeds, polar bears, and all the other marvellous individuals who inhabit salty, brackish, or freshwater aquatic environments, or spend their time between water and land.

This scientific gathering had over 2500 people from all around the world. Some of my friends and colleagues attended too and we spend a lot of time talking about animal welfare and care, how we have seen such an evolution of programs and sciences, ranging from health care, environmental enrichment, human-animal interactions, and training. There were so many of us working with and in zoos and aquariums, as well as research facilities and universities, there to present and represent the individuals and species we care for and study.

During the conference I had not 1 but 4 colleagues tell me “you worked at a zoo and aquarium? I did not know that!” You know when you...

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