Press release: A more diverse, equal and inclusive (DEI) world: Goodbye to discounts and more!

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Press release


A more diverse, equal and inclusive (DEI) world: Goodbye to discounts and more!

AnimalConcepts is dedicated to creating a more diverse, equal and inclusive (DEI) world for all and our purpose is wellbeing for everyone, and when we say everyone, we mean everyone. Creating an inclusive culture is not just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. Diverse, multicultural perspectives make us and our lives better. Through our global activities, commitments, and partnerships we aim to reflect the communities we serve so everyone feels empowered to achieve excellence in animal care, conservation, and human wellbeing.

In line with our commitment to embodying and practising DEI we have said goodbye to bonuses and discounts e.g., ‘Become a member for 12 months - get 2 months off’, flash sales, early birds, and other types of discounts that do not facilitate fair price, equity, and equal opportunities for all since 1st of January 2021.

While these ideas and actions from a marketing and sales perspectives make sense when running a business as they create a sense of urgency and great incentives to do something now, seen from an inclusion perspective they do not.

While there are all kinds of nuances to this, I start from a place where anyone, including myself and my company AnimalConcepts, does not have the financial opportunity at that moment to pay the full sum for a year of access to a particular service, be this insurance, a service for your home or business, and importantly also, access to education and learning opportunities.

Someone who has the means to pay full price, versus some who can’t, means that all of the time when these discounts of some sorts are in place, those who cannot spare the money in full end up paying more. Are there people who prefer to pay per year - yes, are there people who prefer to pay per month or other ways - yes. But what is key here is, regardless of your preference, it should never be so that those who can’t, end up having to pay more. This can also apply when someone does not have any financial means, for this we have our ACTs of Kindness programs. 

AnimalConcepts’ ACTs of Kindness programs are pay-it-forward activities, like where those who can, those who have financial privileges, can donate forward to someone or a facility in need. Other possibilities are applying for our partial or full scholarships and or pro bono work. Our aim is to have our programs accessible for all. Just reach out to use on info(@) for more information on the ACTs of Kindness programs.

The argument of extra administration costs, staff time etc. is real but as the saying goes, ‘Put your money where your mouth is’. These details will have to be solved through AnimalConcepts’ internal approaches to running a sustainable and just business.

Starting 9 April 2021, on the 1-year anniversary of the Practical Animal Welfare Science platform, all memberships and services onwards will be continued equal for all, regardless of your choice of payment, or engagement through scholarships/sponsorships.

What does this mean for current members and clients? We will ensure all will be transferred to memberships reflecting this, and we will be in touch with all of you individually to make that happen.

Thank you for your dedication to animals, people, and the greater community of life!

Take care to give care,

Sabrina Brando


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