Press release: Wellbeing for Everyone: Diversity, equity, and inclusion at AnimalConcepts

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Press release


Wellbeing for Everyone: Diversity, equity, and inclusion at AnimalConcepts

Teulada, Spain (11 January 2021) AnimalConcepts has launched a new website last month to help you care for animals and yourself. This includes new pages not only dedicated to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement but also to pro bono and scholarships opportunities so that ALL animals and people can flourish.

“The worldwide platform brings us together in ways most other organisations don’t, or can’t. What AnimalConcepts does is so important!" said Darren Minier, Assistant Director of Oakland Zoo. We see businesses as powerful tools for change, and we are dedicated to creating a more diverse, equal, and inclusive world for all. Diverse, multicultural perspectives make us and our lives better. Through our global activities, commitments, and partnerships, we aim to reflect the communities we serve so everyone feels empowered to achieve excellence in animal care, conservation, and human wellbeing.

AnimalConcepts is also offering partial or full scholarships for the PAWS memberships - including payment plans and a limited number of hours per year of pro bono work for people and organisations in need. We all do this through our ACTs of Kindness Programs.

Join us in making a difference for animals and people through our ACTs of Kindness Programs, learn more and important, ACTion, it HERE

If you are not sure if you are eligible for sponsorship, just contact us. Feel empowered and proud of your work, access effective tools and resources, and achieve optimal welfare for people and animals through our scholarships and pro bono service. AnimalConcepts helps you care for animals and for yourself. 

About AnimalConcepts

AnimalConcepts combines science and practical experience with compassion and creativity to create empathetic sustainable wellbeing programs for animals and people working in welfare and conservation. In over 350 global events in 42 countries across 6 continents AnimalConcepts have inspired and empowered thousands of professionals in creating changes for themselves, the animals they care for, and the planet.


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