Wellbeing through authentic connection workshop on 25 June 2021


Join us for a relational meditation that nourishes through presence, shared vulnerability and gratitude. 

For all animal care professionals, veterinarians, managers, directors, students and researchers working with and for animals and or conservation.

You'll learn and practice some powerful, practical tools for connection. We'll sink into presence, explore the connecting and teach you some of our favourite relational meditation and gratitude practices.

You’ll walk away with some key distinctions that can bring more depth and aliveness to your experience of connecting with your partner, friends, family or with people at work.

You’ll experience the effect that this way of relating has on yourself and on others, while gaining awareness of the shift in your connections: from flatness to depth and fullness, from superficial to meaningful and real.

Showing up with what is and being seen in that is extremely nourishing as you can be just who you are. Not only will...

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