New paper on human wellbeing in zoos and aquariums

A new paper resulting from a collaboration between AnimalConcepts, the University Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil, and the University of California in the USA is now available. The open-access article can be downloaded below.

The present study aimed to identify common joys and stressors experienced by zoo professionals working in a variety of roles ranging from junior animal care staff to curators. While many of those who care for non-human animals professionally identify their work to be purposeful, meaningful, and intrinsic to their calling and values, there can be downfalls to their chosen careers. Through a survey of 311 zoo and aquarium professionals, the present study identified common themes about their lack of ability to feel empowered to do their best for animal welfare. We identified a link between staff welfare and perceptions of animal welfare, highlighting areas that organisations can target to improve the ability of their staff to care for animals by taking better...

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