Love in the workplace

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Yesterday I was reading and writing about love in the workplace, inspired by a few books on this topic. I am so excited about this! We speak of love in many contexts but not often when it comes to working. When thinking of drawing a boundary around a system, I think we can say that it is safe to draw a boundary around peoples, humankinds. Humankind is a system within systems.

I am hopeful that ultimately our common purpose is to care for and have respect for each other. That we can trust and be authentic, to be kind and supportive for each other and feel this from others too, i.e., love and loving-kindness. Not only at home, with friends or family, but also in the workplace.

Animal care professionals across different disciplines such as laboratories, shelters, zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, and farms experience a wide range of occupational stressors (sorrows) as well as satisfactions (joys). Sorrows may include extended workloads, dysfunctional teams,...

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