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Hey, for the love of learning, you know, hashtag forever student. And so I'm Sabrina Brando, I'm the director of AnimalConcepts. And I've been, you know, in the field of animal care and well being for 30 years. And the other day with some friends and colleagues, we were talking about how sometimes we can become like these magpies that are like collecting, you know, all kinds of new shiny things like knowledge, or impressions and ideas, and so on. And but we don't necessarily take that information or those ideas, and use them with the animals or, you know, embed them into our programs or something like that. So and actually, the research on the magpies is out on this thing about collecting, but we tend to say that right, shiny new things. And so it reminded me of some of the work that I've seen by Jim quick, who helps people with knowledge and learning and reading, and he has these three questions that I find useful about, you know, why would I...

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