Flourishing animals, peoples, and the planet 

Everyone should have access to affordable continued learning opportunities and resources. When peoples unite from a culture of care and respect they, the animals, and the planet can flourish.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." - John Muir 

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Global collaboration for animal, human, and planetary wellbeing

AnimalConcepts is a company working globally in the space of animal, human, and planetary wellbeing. We collaborate with zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, wildlife centres, universities, research facilities, companion and farm animal organisations in support of our collective goals of optimal wellbeing for animals and the people who care for them, as well as conservation, engagement, and research.

AnimalConcepts's purpose is rooted in and based on an interconnected culture of care and respect, serving peoples, animals, the greater community of life, and the beautiful planet we share. 

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Practical Animal Welfare Science, One Care, and the Earth Charter & SDGs platforms

Flourishing animals, peoples, and the planet. When peoples unite from a culture of care and respect they, the animals, and the planet can flourish. Everyone should have access to affordable continued learning opportunities and resources. When peoples unite from a culture of care and respect they, the animals, and the planet can flourish.

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Animal welfare assessment program design and practice

Like you, we care about animal wellbeing and conservation. We combine science and 30 years of practical experiences with compassion and creativity to help you maintain holistic animal welfare programs. You will feel equipped and empowered to do good for the animals in your care.

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Individual & Organisational human wellbeing programs

The 'One Care' approach is based on optimal human and animal wellbeing. Compassionate self-care and we-care approaches combined will support the commitment and desire of serving animals and the environment. When we take care to give care, people and animals flourish.

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Online animal welfare and conservation study and career coaching

Get the career coaching you need to get you closer to your dream job. Schedule a session (or package), to help you further your animal care and welfare career, or your academic aspirations. Our 1-1 coaching sessions are designed to get you closer to future goals!

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Our online courses

Zoo Animal Welfare and Care for Veterinary Professionals

An online CPD course

Lead your team to excellence in animal care and welfare programs

Achieve your personal and animal goals & earn CPD points

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Download the 24/7 concept & pretransfer checklist

The 24/7 animal welfare is a concept that is concerned with promoting good and positive animal welfare for animals in human care, 24/7 across the lifespan. This concept is developed with Professor Buchanan-Smith at the University of Stirling.

The pretransfer checklist has been assembled by Sabrina Brando from AnimalConcepts and Dr. Sarah Chapman from Chapman Zoo Consultancy.

We understand your commitment and desire to be at your best to achieve excellence in animal care and welfare

Like you, we care about wellbeing and conservation, and we know the challenges of balancing these goals. We listen to your needs to help you do the best job you can.

Streamlined, up-to-date findings in the field are the best way to effectively prepare you and/or your staff to lead your institution to the forefront of animal wellbeing and conservation, all while building resilience and optimal occupational wellbeing. Accessing simplified tools and practical resources has never been easier through our signature PAWS, One Care and Earth Charter & SDGs platforms.

Our services also include animal welfare programme design and career coaching, with a focus on the 24/7 animal welfare and Take care to give care approaches for individuals and organisations.

We combine science and practical experiences with compassion and creativity to create empathetic sustainable wellbeing programs for animals and people working in welfare and conservation.

Through our 3 interconnected platforms and over 350 global events in 42 countries across 6 continents we have inspired and empowered thousands of professionals in creating changes for themselves, the animals they care for, and the planet.

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