Membership for organisations that make a difference

Support optimal wellbeing for the people and animals in your care through membership to four interconnected online learning platforms for the whole team.

Strong organisations know that an interconnected approach is needed to make a difference for animals, people, and the planet. It’s the key to inspiring action and creating positive change.


So most organisations work hard to educate, empower, and create connection for others.

But great organisations empower their staff first


Through membership, you can empower your staff so that...


Individuals have agency over their own learning and development

Everyone supports optimal wellbeing through continued learning 

Collaboration increases because you prioritise care, respect and community

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Together we can create positive change so that people, animals and the planet flourish 

Organisational membership


Organisational membership is for zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, universities, colleges, shelters, rescue centres, farms or organisations working in conservation, research, animal care, education, or environmental protection. Whatever the context, species or size of the team, this membership helps your organisation promote a caring and respectful workplace where individual learning opportunities are supported, so that you can thrive as an ethical organisation - together.

Membership means that the whole team gets access to four interconnected online learning platforms, anytime, anywhere.

The platforms cover distinct but interconnected topics to support the wellbeing of each individual under the care of your organisation, and beyond.

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Animal wellbeing platform


By using this platform the team can explore concepts that expand on welfare, moving instead towards optimal animal wellbeing 24/7. Content covers all aspects of an animal's experience, activity, and relationships with us.

As individuals and as a team you’ll be able to explore the new frontiers of animal wellbeing science, with evidence-based research and cutting-edge concepts, all whilst learning how to think and not just what to do.

We also believe it’s critical to include compassion, common sense and emotion when talking about the care of living creatures. It’s one thing to apply methods and theory, but another to truly care and connect in a way that positively influences the wellbeing of another individual and ask, ‘What is it like to be you?’.

This membership is different to other learning resources because it shines a light on what's meaningful, not just examining best practices but expanding to explore what lies outside of research, assessment, or ‘evidence’ - because this is too often missing from the conversation.

Human wellbeing platform


Put bluntly, there's no point talking about animal wellbeing if we're not also going to talk about caring for ourselves and each other.

When our own wellbeing needs are not met or attended to, we are unable to do our best work. Our interactions, behaviour, motivation, and quality of care can suffer, and negatively impact the wellbeing of others as a result.

Taking care of ourselves is interconnected to the wellbeing of animals, each other, and the effective functioning of an organisation. This platform provides the tools, resources and concepts needed to take good care of ourselves, which ultimately benefits everyone.

Planetary wellbeing platform


We all know we need to protect the planet we share, but sometimes it’s not clear exactly how to do this, and how to turn concepts into practical everyday action or create change at scale.

This platform explores the attitudes needed to support planetary wellbeing alongside practical examples of best practices, how to identify opportunities for action, reframe perspectives and implement behaviours for the benefit of all.

Through the lens of the Earth Charter International, and the concept of Interbeing, the team will develop a better understanding of systems thinking and how our own wellbeing is linked to that of all living things and the environment. By developing a deeper sense of compassion and responsibility, and through using the resources for practical action, the team will be able to support optimal wellbeing for all as well as protecting the planet we share in the process - plus inspire others to do the same.

Foundations platform


In the spirit of interconnection, this platform links everything together. Inside, the team will find the principal concepts and fundamental perspectives required for an interconnected approach that supports the optimal wellbeing of all.

Through guides, frameworks, introductions and practical activities the foundations are laid for individuals to take care, give care, problem-solve and take action. Topics covered on this platform include ethics, goal setting, scientific writing, welfare assessments, transformational leadership, sustainable development goals and more.

 What you get


Four platforms, one community

Content across animal, human and planetary wellbeing topics

Regular webinars, live and recorded (2-3 per month)

New downloadable resources every week

Practical tools, case studies, frameworks, decision trees and more

Research summaries and discussion of best practices

Information at different ‘depths’ and detail

Integrate with existing learning platforms

Digital membership badge

Access anytime, anywhere, for everyone


So that you can


Learn from international experts around the world as a team

Provide learning resources with a reduced carbon footprint

Support staff wellbeing at work and at home

Improve animal wellbeing through staff training and development

Identify improvements for sustainability and resource management as a team

Create a cohesive workplace community by demonstrating care and commitment

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Darren Minier 

Assistant Director, Oakland Zoo


"The animal care and welfare field is evolving to see animal caretakers in all their roles as professionals, especially worldwide as we redefine who is ‘essential’. Building this professionalism through education, compassion, and advocacy is what PAWS does. It’s critical! The world wide platform brings us together in ways most other organisations don’t, or can’t. What AnimalConcepts does is so important!"

Prof. Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith

University of Stirling


"Sabrina is a creative solution-finder; she takes time to understand the problem first. Drawing upon her vast experience, and deep understanding of what matters to individuals, she will inspire and help you find evidence-based approaches to create conditions that allow you and your animals to thrive."

The work you do will have a greater impact if individual wellbeing is supported

Supporting the individuals within your organisation isn’t just the right thing to do - it’s the smart thing to do

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