Membership that connects animal, human and planetary wellbeing 

Learn how to improve the lives of the animals whilst caring for yourself and the planet 

 When it comes to caring for animals, you’ll be able to find a lot of information.

Some of it is ridiculously expensive to access or understand how it applies in the real world.

It can take a long time to read or feel devoid of emotion and feel. The technical terms can be clinical, and if something can’t be measured then we’re told it doesn’t matter as much. We think it's time for a different approach, we think it's time that...

Learning is accessible
Experts are approachable


A community is connected


Feelings are thought about 
Wellbeing is supported

When you become a member you get access to four interconnected online learning platforms.

 You’ll have tools and resources covering animal, human and planetary wellbeing topics so that you know how to make a difference to animals, care for yourself, and protect the planet we share.


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The Interbeing platforms mean you can...


Learn from animal welfare experts and interact in a friendly setting.

See how to support positive emotions and experiences for the animals you care about.

Access up-to-date research in a variety of formats, without having to read lengthy papers or pay unaffordable fees.

Put science into practice, knowing how to translate what you learn online into real-life action with examples, step-by-steps, frameworks and resources to suit your needs.

Do good whilst feeling good because you know how to take care of yourself whilst caring for others. 

Feel supported by like-minded people who share your values, passions, challenges, and celebrations.

The INTERBEING platforms support an interconnected approach to animal welfare and self care, going deeper and broader than what you've heard before

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€50,00 yearly


4 platforms, 1 community

  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Animal wellbeing topics
  • Human wellbeing topics
  • Planetary wellbeing topics
  • Regular webinars (live and recorded)
  • Practical tools and case studies
  • Downloadable resources every week
  • Information at different 'depths' and detail
  • Research summaries
  • Access to experts around the world
  • Networking opportunities
  • Reduced conference fees
  • Digital membership badge
  • Access to everything for a whole year

If you'd prefer to pay another way, or if you'd like to apply for complimentary access through our ACTS of Kindness Program, please contact us HERE

Kerri Murrell

MSc Endangered Species
Recovery & Conservation, UK


"The platforms have allowed me to develop beyond my degree, acquiring skills and knowledge that I know will benefit the animals in my care in the future."

Marian van der Krift

Animal Care Teacher


“It let’s me listen to experts from all over the world from different animal related fields, when it suits me. People I would otherwise never had the chance to listen too. What I really like is that it’s not limited to only a certain subject or a certain species. It is about every subject on a range of non-human animals. Knowing, learning, listening, asking… The more we know and understand about animals, the better we can take care for them."

Gisep Bazzell 

Animal caregiver


"This platform is amazing and has helped me greatly not only in my work but also in my private life. The positivity and the kindness is real and authentic, making it outstanding and highly supportive."

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