Master course collaboration at University of Padua & Undigital

AnimalConcepts is delighted to announce the collaboration with the University of Padua in the V edition of the specialisation Master course "Developing a future for wildlife: An integrated approach to conservation".

This course aims to train professionals in the conservation and management of wildlife. Students will have the opportunity to develop an integrated approach, based on a One Health perspective, both theoretical and technical, and practical, to manage wild animals, species and habitat preservation projects, in a sustainable and local conflict management perspective. The course will develop a perspective of sustainability and management of local conflicts based on the human dimensions approach. The course is divided into three modules, with various topics such as: 

  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Human-Wildlife conflict and interaction
  • Wildlife welfare
  • Biotechnology for conservation
  • Human dimension and conflict management
  • Conservation ethics and education

You can find more information on the course topics and how to enrol on this flyer and their website. 

The collaboration between the various participating entities will allow participants to deepen the approach and practice to the conservation of biodiversity both in situ and ex-situ. It focuses on both the terrestrial and aquatic environment, according to an integrated approach and to the promotion of coexistence. 

Sabrina Brando, Director of AnimalConcepts, has been teaching as 1 of the instructors of this Master course for the last 3 years. She is delighted that AnimalConcepts is not only involved but supports a course that embeds an integral and holistic approach to animal, human and planetary wellbeing: "Cultivating the concept of INTERBEING is at the core of AnimalConcepts purpose, and engaging with students and professors alike in a collaborative and creative manner paves another path forward for a future for wildlife."

Director of the course, Dr. Barbara Mori shares:

"We are very happy that AnimalConcepts collaborate with us in promoting professional training in wildlife management and welfare, ultimately supporting the conservation of biodiversity.  Sabrina Brando offers students a unique opportunity to understand the importance of animal welfare knowledge by engaging with them and challenging their views on this topic".

Un-digital to reconnect 

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… Including you.”

~ Anne Lamott

In today's fast and connected world, we often find ourselves constantly tied to our devices, chasing notifications, and endlessly scrolling through feeds. When we feel bored, anxious or even sad, we use technology to try to ease those negative feelings — instead of trying to acknowledge them and work on them or seek help. We have forgotten what it means to truly connect with others and, more importantly, with ourselves. In this era, our wellbeing appreciates the time to disconnect from the virtual chains that bind us, to “un-digital” and discover new and profound ways to connect with people and ourselves.

Unplugging is not about disengaging from the world; it is about re-engaging with life on a deeper level. It is about being present at the moment, savouring each experience, and forming authentic connections with others. When we unplug, we give ourselves the gift of time — time to reflect, time to be creative, time to nurture relationships, and time to rediscover what things we enjoy and who we are at our core. Un-digital also allows us to forge deeper connections with others. When we are not constantly glued to our screens, we become more approachable, more open to conversation, and more empathetic towards others' feelings. We learn to listen actively, understanding that every person we meet has a unique story to share. Whether it is a heartwarming conversation with a friend, a kind word to a stranger, or a caring moment with an animal, these authentic connections enrich our lives in immeasurable ways.

Unplugging not only helps us find new ways to connect with others and ourselves but also has significant positive effects on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Constant exposure to digital information overload can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout. By stepping away from the virtual world, we allow our mind, body, and soul to breathe, our stress levels to decrease, and restore a sense of calm. This break from the overwhelming flow of information revitalises our spirits, giving us the strength to face life's challenges with fresh energy and determination. We can set boundaries for screen time, implement digital detox days, or practice mindfulness while using technology. By doing so, we regain control over our lives and ensure that technology remains a tool for growth and connection rather than a barrier.

As we unplug and find new ways to connect to people, ourselves, animals, and nature we appreciate the little things, rediscover the benefits of living in the present moment, cherish our relationships, and nurture a profound sense of gratitude for the beauty and the good that surrounds us.

So, let us look up from our screens, embrace the world with open senses, and cherish the gift of INTERBEING connection.


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