Master course collaboration at University of Padua & Undigital

AnimalConcepts is delighted to announce the collaboration with the University of Padua in the V edition of the specialisation Master course "Developing a future for wildlife: An integrated approach to conservation".

This course aims to train professionals in the conservation and management of wildlife. Students will have the opportunity to develop an integrated approach, based on a One Health perspective, both theoretical and technical, and practical, to manage wild animals, species and habitat preservation projects, in a sustainable and local conflict management perspective. The course will develop a perspective of sustainability and management of local conflicts based on the human dimensions approach. The course is divided into three modules, with various topics such as: 

  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Human-Wildlife conflict and interaction
  • Wildlife welfare
  • Biotechnology for conservation
  • Human dimension and conflict management
  • Conservation ethics and education

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Zoo de Bordeaux-Pessac & a new free paper!

Collaborations with Zoo de Bordeaux-Pessac in France

The whole team at AnimalConcepts is delighted to continue collaborating with Zoo de Bordeaux-Pessac, in France, in its transition and transformation over the coming years in the space of animal, human, and planetary wellbeing.

"I met Sabrina more than 15 years ago, and at that time I made a promise to myself: one day I will collaborate with her. In February 2022 that we materialized this with a 3-day visit to do an audit of the zoo. Very quickly I decided on starting a long-term collaboration as change takes time and we have a lot to do. Her interest and expertise in animal, human, and planetary wellbeing allow us, beyond the animals that hold a fundamental place in our professions, to address more broadly the wellbeing of our team, community and planet. It is through our new philosophy that we aim to continue and develop our practices in the direction of better living together and respecting the planet we share. I am convinced...

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We are ALL in the animal care and welfare department!


Unedited transcript of the video above 

"We are all in the welfare department. So it's really interesting. Sometimes I hear these things about, you know, well, we should talk to the welfare department, or we should, you know, talk to the welfare scientist. And of course, being a welfare scientist and animal welfare scientist is a professional in itself. You know, everybody has their specializations. But it is important to know that we are all in the animal care and welfare department. So sometimes, it's also about, well, let's create a special issue around animal welfare. But everything that we do is about animal wellbeing. Everything that we do, revolves around care, right? So there's no separation with regards to when we're talking about breeding conservation efforts, feeding the animals cleaning, the human-animal interaction, everything is animal care, and well being in the sense that it has an effect. And whether that's a good one or a bad one, you know, depending on how...

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