Master course collaboration at University of Padua & Undigital

AnimalConcepts is delighted to announce the collaboration with the University of Padua in the V edition of the specialisation Master course "Developing a future for wildlife: An integrated approach to conservation".

This course aims to train professionals in the conservation and management of wildlife. Students will have the opportunity to develop an integrated approach, based on a One Health perspective, both theoretical and technical, and practical, to manage wild animals, species and habitat preservation projects, in a sustainable and local conflict management perspective. The course will develop a perspective of sustainability and management of local conflicts based on the human dimensions approach. The course is divided into three modules, with various topics such as: 

  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Human-Wildlife conflict and interaction
  • Wildlife welfare
  • Biotechnology for conservation
  • Human dimension and conflict management
  • Conservation ethics and education

You can find more...

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Integrate values and learnings, Community of work and SiP#142 Factors affecting cognitive enrichment in zoos

Integrate values and learnings

Our focus for March on the planetary wellbeing platform was on values and learnings integration, and how to develop our own morals, values, and code of ethics in the direction of positive change. Irma Verhoeven, Programme and Partnership Development Manager at Earth Charter International Secretariat, shares in this podcast her insights and experiences on why education plays such an important role in human behaviour changes and empowerment. AnimalConcepts is a proud Earth Charter International Partner since 2020. 

Interested in education, conservation, and research? Want to learn about animal, planetary and human wellbeing? INTERBEING is the podcast series by AnimalConcepts that shares stories, experiences, science, and practices related to animal welfare and care, and the wellbeing of animal care professionals as well as the Earth Charter related to planetary wellbeing, and ultimately wellbeing for all. Listen to it HERE


The importance of...

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New paper on porpoises, education invited webinar Bishop Burton & Science into Practice #136 Review of technology for welfare

Purposeful porpoise training at Fjord&Bælt: The first 25 years

A new paper on a historical overview of the Fjord&Bæl's (F&B) work on harbour porpoise care and wellbeing as been published. From the original idea of establishing a marine research institution to build animal care and training programs. This paper describes in detail the story of specific porpoises, from the moment they arrived at the centre, and how they engaged in husbandry and training routines. Sabrina Brando is one of the co-authors.

You can read more about the historical perspectives of F&B in the peer-reviewed journal Aquatic Mammals and download the paper HERE

Online webinar on global collaboration for animal wellbeing and conservation with University Centre Bishop Burton College

Last month Sabrina Brando connected with University Centre Bishop Burton College. Staff and students from the Human-Animal Interactions, Psychology MSc students as well as MSc Applied Animal Behaviour &...

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Ep97 Alicia Jiménez on integrating values in education - value reflections for change

“Education can change minds, if you can change minds, you can change mindsets, you change the behaviours and change the collective, so it is crucial”. - Alicia

This week’s podcast utilises the audio from the webinar interview led by Alicia Jiménez which took place on the 29th of January 2021 from the AnimalConcepts platform.

Let us welcome Alicia Jiménez, the Director of Programmes at the Earth Charter International Secretariat in Costa Rica. She has been working in the field of conservation and sustainable development since 1998.

The conversation discusses why it is essential to work together to maintain nature. However, this would require a new mindset, through cultural transformation to expand our perception and rethink our values. Education is a key player in this and can influence change. The Earth Charter can be used as a guideline to produce lessons.

The Earth Charter is a working document, containing sixteen principles within four pillars in...

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Press release: AnimalConcepts launches new website

Media contact: Sabrina Brando
Founder and director
[email protected]

Press release


Be at your best to achieve excellence in wellbeing and conservation

Teulada, Spain (December, 22nd) AnimalConcepts has launched a new website to help you care for animals and yourself. This includes new pages dedicated to the Practical Animal Welfare Science (PAWS) platform which launched in April this year. This platform features many of the tools you need for animal care and welfare. It also includes individual and organisational care, so animals and people can flourish.

The worldwide platform brings us together in ways most other organisations don’t, or can’t. What AnimalConcepts does is so important!" said Darren Minier, Assistant Director of Oakland Zoo. Navigating the sea of animal care and welfare information is a challenge that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, where do you start? Animal care and veterinary...

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The launch of Practical Animal Welfare Science platform!

Wellbeing for you and your animals is too important not to get right

At AnimalConcepts we help you be at your best to achieve excellence in animal care and welfare. The Practical Animal Welfare Science 'PAWS' platform, is the first e-learning platform combining human and animal wellbeing science and practice. It allows you to get the education and continuous personal development (CPD) opportunities as well as tools and practical resources you need so you and your animals can flourish.

Navigating the sea of animal care and welfare information, and caring for yourself while giving care to others is a challenge that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, where do you start?

"My vision is that the PAWS platform is one of the go-to resources that animal care professionals can use to learn, engage, and enjoy in our collective commitment to serving and caring for animals and for ourselves. See it as a short of wellness atlas where you can find all kinds of...

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