The launch of Practical Animal Welfare Science platform!

Wellbeing for you and your animals is too important not to get right

At AnimalConcepts we help you be at your best to achieve excellence in animal care and welfare. The Practical Animal Welfare Science 'PAWS' platform, is the first e-learning platform combining human and animal wellbeing science and practice. It allows you to get the education and continuous personal development (CPD) opportunities as well as tools and practical resources you need so you and your animals can flourish.

Navigating the sea of animal care and welfare information, and caring for yourself while giving care to others is a challenge that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, where do you start?

"My vision is that the PAWS platform is one of the go-to resources that animal care professionals can use to learn, engage, and enjoy in our collective commitment to serving and caring for animals and for ourselves. See it as a short of wellness atlas where you can find all kinds of information on a wide variety of related topics in animal and human wellbeing".

This platform is dedicated to all animal care professionals and related professions and domains in animal care and welfare such as zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, wildlife centres and laboratories. It also aims to give a foundation for educational organisations, policymakers and students to be at the forefront of animal care and welfare science and practice. 

It provides access to quality content, which enables you to attain many skills that benefit the animals, your team, and you, making you a valuable team member for the animals, your current or a future organisation.

PAWS is part of AnimalConcepts. Sabrina Brando is the director of AnimalConcepts and is pursuing a PhD at the University of Stirling in Scotland on the topic of animal and human wellbeing. She has worked in and with the global wildlife, companion, and laboratory animal profession, including zoos, aquariums, wildlife centres, sanctuaries, shelters, and research facilities for 29 years.

“My career purpose is to promote positive wellbeing for animals and the people who care for them. The Practical Animal Welfare Science (PAWS) platform was created so people and animals can flourish."

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