A Terminolopinion - blog by Wendy Las van Bennkom

The C-word and the D-word are very loaded in the dog world. Correction and Dominance. We are not allowed to use these terms anymore. I really wonder why not? It will become clearer if we do not avoid existing terms. Correction and Dominance exist. Throughout nature correction is real. And certainly, within a group of animals, there is Dominance. Yet we should not talk about it anymore. I absolutely do understand where this is coming from. Decades ago, it was normal to train dogs using punishment. Reinforcing was for wimps and old ladies. The dog training world was dominated (oops) by men and tough dogs. We taught our dogs behaviours such as heelwork by pulling the choke chain when he was not walking properly. We didn't know any better, coercion was normal. Luckily at a certain point, we gradually switched to a more respectful and animal-friendly method in working with animals. However, in the world of dog training, this method is still not accepted widely. In addition, we saw more...

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