Launching soon! DogPAWS

Supporting excellence in dog care and wellbeing is the purpose of “DogPAWS - Dog Wellbeing: Applied Science, Practice and Training”. DogPAWS is a novel online platform that provides everyone with access to continuous science-based learning, sharing opportunities, and resources needed to support optimal dog wellbeing. This platform is an international collaboration between Sabrina Brando and the team at AnimalConcepts, Dr Annika Bremhorst, and Dr Sabrina Karl. More on the founders soon!

To this end, the DogPAWS platform will provide relevant knowledge in various formats such as webinars, reading material, journal clubs, courses, hands-on challenges, and more by invited thought leaders, experts, practitioners, and scientists from various fields related to dog and animal welfare, behaviour, cognition, medicine, ethics, training, and law. DogPAWS is a standalone platform in line with the philosophy and practice of everything and everyone being interconnected.


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