2022 AALAS - A culture of care for human wellbeing

In October 2022 Sabrina Brando from AnimalConcepts and Sally Thompson-Iritani from the University of Washington presented at the 73rd AALAS Conference in Louiseville, USA and featured a Spotlight Forum on oncology in laboratory animal science. Sally presented our poster on "A culture of care for human wellbeing: The importance of cross-pollination across animal-related fields". If you feel inspired you can download the poster on our Resources page HERE

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Ep82 Augusto Vitale on behaviour and care of common marmosets and the welfare of animals used in biomedical research

“In this endless discussion [about animal experimentation] we completely forget that animals are used now and they need our attention now.” - Augusto Vitale & Sabrina Brando

Dr Augusto Vitale joins us to share his experience in the study of non-human primate behaviour and welfare. Since 1991 Augusto has worked as a researcher at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome (Italy) dedicating his scientific activity to investigate behaviour, cognition and welfare of non-human primates, with a focus on common marmosets used in neuroscience and biomedical research.

He guides us in discovering the work of ethologists and evolutionary biologists who contributed to unveiling key aspects of animal behaviour and cognitive skills. He passionately illustrates his research on cooperation and describes how studying common marmosets’ behaviour can shed light on the evolution of altruism in humans.

Augusto also shares with us his work in the EU Expert Working Group...

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