Free paper - tales of feeding animals in zoos & Pride blog with Max Norman

Flying bamboo?

A free paper from the AnimalConcepts team is available open access and you can download it below.

This paper is part of the book Transforming food systems: ethics, innovation and responsibility by Donald and Ann Bruce, and discusses the challenges zoos face to be more environmentally-conscious and make decisions in regard to the sourcing of food for both animals and people. This paper also highlights the efforts undertaken by zoos to mitigate these challenges.


Contemporary zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, and other facilities housing animals in human care (hereafter zoos) are concerned with their core values of animal wellbeing, education, and nature conservation. There is a wide variety of species living in zoos worldwide, spanning across many different taxa, which results in an enormous diversity of diets – each bringing its own set of challenges. Meats, fishes, insects, fruits, vegetables, and browse are some, among many, of the necessary components for...

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2022 AALAS - A culture of care for human wellbeing

In October 2022 Sabrina Brando from AnimalConcepts and Sally Thompson-Iritani from the University of Washington presented at the 73rd AALAS Conference in Louiseville, USA and featured a Spotlight Forum on oncology in laboratory animal science. Sally presented our poster on "A culture of care for human wellbeing: The importance of cross-pollination across animal-related fields". If you feel inspired you can download the poster on our Resources page HERE

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