Press release: Global collaboration for animal welfare with the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens

2021 animals asia cazg paws May 26, 2021

Media contact: Sabrina Brando
Founder and director
[email protected]


Press Release


Since August 2020 Animals Asia and AnimalConcepts are collaborating with the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens to support them in their efforts to improve and maintain good animal welfare for animals in member parks.

The Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens (CAZG) is dedicated to continuous personal development through educational opportunities of zoo employees to improve the wellbeing of the animals and a wide variety of events have been held since 2012.

This new online educational effort is also made possible through collaborations with other experts in the zoo community through recorded webinars with translated slides and subtitles. These are accessible for viewing on a dedicated ‘YouTube’ style channel as well as additional translated resources on a platform for viewing and download. A similar platform to the Practical...

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